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How Worldmach uses cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website to remember information about your visit.

We use cookies for many purposes. We use them, for example, to help you log in for our services and to spare you extra effort when using forms.

Learn about the types of cookies used by us and third parties in the following sections.

In case you won't allow Cookies for Worldmach or embedded third parties, you can set up rules in your browser.

Cookies used by Worldmach

Log-in and authentication

By logging in to Worldmach we save your data to allow access to features connected to your account. We also use this data to personalize the website and to enhance the experience of our registered customers.

Saving contact data

To prefill contact forms we save your contact to a cookie whenever you send such a form.


Some services use cookies to save your settings. One example is the cookie notification, which you can make disappear by clicking the "OK" button.

Improve our services

In order to improve our users' browsing experience, sometimes we save anonymized information about your website usage. We will not use this data to identify specific users.


Some services require you to enter a code to prove your are human (CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart").

We use session cookies to save this data. The captcha data solely serve authentication.

Third party cookies on Worldmach

Worldmach uses technology of Google to analyze website traffic and to show ads. Among these are Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google AdSense for Search Results and Google Maps. More about how Google uses data when you use our website

Managing cookies in your browser

In case you do not want to allow us to use cookies, most browsers give you the ability to manage cookies according to your requirements. You can, for example, disallow cookies from all sites except those that you trust.

Please find precise information about how to configure your browser in the documentation. For some popular browsers the following website is a good start: https://www.allaboutcookies.org

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