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Aucom IMS2 IMS520585 132 450kw softstarter

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soft-starter Aucom IMS2 IMS520585-V5-C24-F1-E0

max 450kw 600 hp

3 x 200 VAC ~ 525 VAC (in-line/3 wire connection)
3 x 200 VAC ~ 440 VAC (inside delta/6 wire connection)

IMS2xxxx-xx-C24 230 VAC or 400 VAC (+10%/-15%)

Control Inputs
Start (Terminals C23, C24) Active 24 VDC, 8 mA approx

Mains frequency
at start 50 Hz (+/- 2 Hz) or 60 Hz (+/- 2 Hz)
during start ᐳ 45 Hz (50 Hz supply) or ᐳ 55 Hz (60 Hz supply)
during run ᐳ 48 Hz (50 Hz supply) or ᐳ 58 Hz (60 Hz supply)

    IMS2xxxx-xx-xxx-xx-E0 IP00 (open chassis)

AuCom IMS2 soft starters are a total motor starting solution, combining high-level functionality with flexibility and ease of use. Whether you need a simple solution to starting or stopping your motor, or a comprehensive protection system for your motor and installation, the AuCom IMS2 can be configured to suit.
The AuCom IMS2 offers a choice of soft start and soft stop profiles to ensure optimum control for all load types. The unique torque control system gives more linear acceleration than standard constant current, and a special pump control function reduces water hammer. The AuCom IMS2 also incorporates advanced motor and load protection features, ensuring safer operation for your application. With extensive input/output and integration options, the AuCom IMS2 minimises installation time and costs and ensures that motors can be operated with confidence.
In simple installations, set up is very quick as only one parameter needs to be set before the starter is ready to use. For advanced applications, an extensive range of functions allows you to use the AuCom IMS2 to suit nearly all motor starting and control requirements.
AuCom IMS2 soft starters can be connected in in-line or inside delta configuration. Inside delta connection allows control of motors 50% larger than the standard rating, and also allows replacement of star/delta starters without changing existing motor wiring. Power connections on 302 ~ 1574 A models can be configured for any combination of top or bottom input and output, making the AuCom IMS2 ideal for integration into existing installations.

Machine Data

Machine IDWM258836
Aucom IMS2 IMS520585 132-450kw
Machine typesoftstarter
ManufacturerAucom IMS2
ModelIMS520585 132-450kw

Price and Location



Yusuf Topcu
Company NameCNC.ist
Authorized PersonYusuf Topcu
Mobile Phone+905324419163

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